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Avisar Everyday is a trusted provider of accounting solutions, giving our clients insight and financial clarity that empowers them to make enlightened business decisions every day.


Avisar Everyday – Mission

Do you know what a “good number” is for your business? Imagine knowing how well your business is performing without waiting until the end of the year or going through the pain of manual effort to “figure it out”.

At Avisar Everyday, we know how to make great accounting systems. Systems that will give you that near real-time information you need to operate daily without requiring you to change your ERP or accounting software. Systems that will prevent fraud and be robust enough to withstand unexpected departures. Systems that let you give us unprecedented transparency into your accounting while allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Our mission is to give our clients insight and financial clarity and allow them to make enlightened decisions everyday.

Core Services

We offer a range of financial services to small and medium-sized businesses and professionals. These are our primary service offerings; however, every business is unique, and we will work with you to come up with a customized service plan for your situation.


This tier of services is getting clear financial reporting on past performance.


This tier is getting systems in place to prevent disruption while generating consistent financial information.


This tier is obtaining deep insights into your business and forecasting future performance.

"Before engaging with Avisar Everyday, our accounting system was generating inconsistent financial reporting ... we now have a well defined series of processes to follow so everyone in the organization will be on the same page. We also have external oversight of our accounting going forward. I am excited that I will have monthly performance numbers and KPIs to compare against and an on-going resource that they can speak to about accounting issues."

Wes Vermeulen / President - West Bay Shipyards

"As a public company, Bear Creek strives to meet deadlines with the highest standards and transparency. Having Avisar Everyday by my side has been critical in meeting financial reporting deadlines, and implementing of changes in IFRS with ease. Their constant guidance is a great source of comfort while navigating the everchanging landscape that are IFRS technical reporting requirements. This affords me more to focus on operations as we look to expand into the next phase of our business. I have been very happy with their service oriented mentality and the timeliness of their attention to me as a client."

Paul Tweddle / CFO - Bear Creek Mining Corp.

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