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Mining for Miracles kickoff with Steven & Premier Horgan

  Our CEO, Steven Krause, has been a Co-Chair for Mining for Miracles since 2019, the BC mining industry’s long-standing fundraising campaign for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. On January 28, 2021, Steven Krause, Premier Horgan, and…

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What to do when your CFO has one foot out the door

When leaders conduct succession planning, they arrange their own replacement and who is going to take charge of the organization. Rarely is there a plan in place for the CFO until it comes up when they…

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My, those reports sure are fancy!

Many business owners think that getting their monthly financial statements is all they need to make proper decisions about the direction of their business. While it is a great start, this type of reporting will only…

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Revitalizing – Winning with Records

Accurate financial record keeping is the bedrock of a well-functioning business. Though some companies survive in spite of their bookkeeping inefficiencies, in most cases, poor record keeping hinders progress and affects the company’s bottom line. The…

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Financial Impact Of a Reverse Takeover With a Shell Corporation

One of the popular ways for private companies to obtain a listing status on the Canadian Stock Exchange (“CSE”) is through a reverse takeover (“RTO”) with an existing listed entity. The most common version of an…